Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Monsoon Magic!!!

Bonjour my virtual friends!!!

It’s the season of showers and for all those who are unaware, Mumbai was once again soaked (err…more like waterlogged!!) last week as the incessant rains just didn’t cease…even to take a breath!!!
And what better thing to do in such a weather than to just curl up with a read and a steaming cuppa??

Speaking of books, going by my blog updates or the lack thereof, we all might just unanimously agree that it's been quite some time (almost two months, gasp!) since I have blogged. What do I say to this? Life, in all its glory, took over for a while and here I am wondering how the time just flew away. But I digress…

Aaannnnyway, so I have this massive backlog for reviews pending that is just ready to go up on the site and you can be rest assured that it will be raining reviews soon!! So watch this space & see you on the other side!! J

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