About Me

A Big Hello to Everyone out there,
My name is Pooja & I am a bookaholic!!! So much for self-proclaimation...(*Rolling my eyes*)

So well, I have always imagined (the day-dreamer that I am!!!), that if at all I were to have an alternate reality, she would be lounging somewhere on a chaise in a room stacked with books....

Sweet dreams are made of these....

Sigh!! Only if life could be that simple...But I try to do what I can. So here I am, a corporate slogger by the day & an esurient bookworm by any other time.

I am also a reviewer at:

1. The Chicklit Club - A one stop site for readers of ChickLit.
2. The Tales Pensieve - Taking Read to Readers (A site dedicated exclusively to Indian Literature) 
3. The Book Lovers - A book review blog that aims to reach out to the average reader and book lover.
4. Storizen TV - A unique site that glorifies Indian stories & Indian authors through book episodes.

So Welcome to My World....here on this blog, where I will talk about (& try to review) books of all genres.

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