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Nick of Time by Komal Mehta

Title : Nick of Time
Author : Komal Mehta
Genre : Fiction / Romantic Comedy
Publisher : Penguin Metro Reads
Pages : 248
My Rating : 6.5/10
Reviewed For : Author / Debut Indian Writers Month 2013


Alehya is back in Chandigarh after ten years to attend her childhood friend, Shagun’s wedding. However, her plans are rudely interrupted when she finds out about the man Shagun is going to marry.
Vicky, is a sorted guy who knows exactly what he wants in life. His decision of marrying Shagun has the approval of everyone who means a lot to him—everyone, except Shagun’s best friend, Alehya.
Shagun is excited about getting married to Vicky. This fulfils her childhood dream of marriage. But with her best friend and future husband being childhood frenemies, will things go by without a hitch?
As the wedding draws near, Shagun, Vicky and Alehya grapple with issues of love, confusion and guilt to discover what their heart truly desires. They have to make life altering decisions, in the Nick of Time, before time runs out on them and the life of their dreams!

My Review:


The plot of Nick of Time by Komal Mehta is based on the theme of love, friendship & The Big Fat-Indian Wedding. Obviously, it has all the ingredients for a complete masala read & is entertaining to the fullest!! This book revolves around the lives of three childhood friends – Aleyha, Vicky & Shagun who are coming together after a period of 10 years for a marriage that invokes a lot more complications & confusions rather than the happiness associated with it. Because amidst the wedding chaos, Aleyha, Shagun & Vicky tumble headlong into life altering consequences where they discover what their heart truly covets.

The story kick-starts with Alehya quitting her frustrating job & just as she’s celebrating her freedom she receives a call from Shagun inviting Aleyha to Chandigarh for her marriage. A gleeful Alehya looks forward to a fun-filled time (which will be definitely liberating from the humdrum of corporate life) in Chandigarh for Shagun’s marriage. However, all her plans for merriment go for a toss when she meets “The Groom”. It’s none other than her childhood frenemy – Vicky with whom she has had a history of unsolved issues. Alehya hates Vicky with as much fervour as she loves Shagun. Needless to say, there is friction between Aleyha & Vicky from the word go and sparks fly when they meet. But herein comes the twist in the tale where Shagun is hell bent on playing the peacemaker between the two & schemes to put them together so that they get over with their juvenile banter & start seeing each other for what they really are. Though for Vicky & Alehya, their last chapter didn’t end on an altogether good note, they decide to put it past them & start afresh for the sake of Shagun. What follows is a roller-coaster of a ride where Shagun, Aleyha & Vicky find love in the most unexpected places & have to decide between the right, the wrong & their heart.

What makes this read interesting is the narrative point of view. The author has put forth the story through the point-of-view of Aleyha, Vicky & Shagun & we get a glimpse into the confusion that reigns between their minds & hearts. However, this is essentially Aleyha ’s story – she has always been the consummate good girl but that is until she comes to Chandigarh for Shagun’s marriage. Coming back she discovers an entire a new side to her which she never even thought that existed. Bollywood movie buffs will love this book since this read follows the distinctive romantic comedy storyline & a very clich├ęd path with its typical twists & turns. A few mushy moments, toe-curling romance, naivety of first love, the reality check, dilemmas, heartbreak & a miraculous happy ending – you have it all in here. However, in spite of the predictable story line there is a refreshing factor in the author’s narration that makes this read delightful as well as easy on the senses.

Coming to the drawbacks, honestly, I did not like the cover page. For a read like this, one might expect the cover to be glossy but this one seems dull. Also, while it was necessary to include the typical Chandigarh slang to create a relatable background, the overt use of Hindi dialogues was a tad bit extra which might put some readers off. The plot is fast paced but after the initial build-up, I felt that the story dragged a little bit in the middle before picking up momentum towards the end.

Having said that, this novel is a sweet, quick read that portrays the balance between love & friendship. The author wonderfully brings forth the point that there are always two sides to every story. Pick it up on a weekend if you want to have an indulgent time & you will breeze through it.

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